Synergy Engineering actively supports programs that develop the local community, particularly for the promotion of education, health and the environment.


Each year, we offer scholarships and internships to outstanding tertiary students studying for a chemical, civil, electrical or mechanical engineering degree.

Tree Planting

We participate in the sponsor-a-tree program Wali Pohon Masigit Kareumbi located in the Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi (TMBK) area.

Green Project

We support the KDM Green Project Jakarta, separating and collecting all of our recyclable office waste and sending it to KDM for processing.

Capacity Building

Our senior management contribute to improving technical capacity and educating the next generation of engineers by helping develop the national engineering curriculum.

Blood Donation

With the help of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), our employees help save lives by donating blood every quarter.

Synergy Schools

A program aimed at 4th graders attending a local elementary school to raise awareness for science by presenting interactive videos and science experiments and donating a new library to the school.

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